The world is not ours…

IMG_20180106_105907.jpg… we borrow it from our children. Education and encouraging a love of nature is something I hold paramount in my parenting style. It is definitely one of the reasons I felt home education was for us. Children, in my opinion, should be given as much time as possible ‘in the wild’ where they can learn to appreciate and adore our beautiful world.

There are many ways of bringing nature into everyday study. Simply by spending time outdoors on walks or at a forest school. Forest schools can be fantastic social experiences where children can learn great life skills such as fire lighting, cooking and about the animals and plants in their local environment. However for us this year we just cant fit forest school in, we are too busy! Instead we have made our own discovery backpack which comes on our daily wanders to the woods. It contains: a pocket microscope,pair of binoculars,magnifying glass,bird book and  the RSPB’s wildlife explorers handbook. I highly recommend this handbook, i love its layout and it even has stickers so that is always a winner. You can buy it here.

If like us you haven’t got time for forest school or don’t have one near by. I would highly recommend your children joining wildlife watch.

If you care about nature and love wildlife, Wildlife Watch is the club for you!  Explore your local wild places, get involved in hundreds of events and activities and make new friends by becoming one of Wildlife Watch’s 150,000 members.

They have fantastic resources and events up and down the country and the kids can take part in awards and meet up with other eco-kids in your local area. Secondly I would recommend either following a nature based curriculum such as Exploring nature with children or buying a nature school book such as this one. Nature School by Mick Manning is a great and accessible read for us. It includes some great activities that we enjoy doing over and over again.

Exploring Nature With Children is a complete, year-long curriculum designed to guide you, step by step, through an entire calendar year of nature study. Completely self-contained, this book has all the information you need to make nature study happen regularly for your family.

Of course for those days when even the most avid explorer is having a home day there are some fantastic programs and books to keep them busy. Anything by David Attenborough gets my vote but for the youngest eco-kids there is also Octonauts and Ed & Eppa.

For me, inspiring the next generation has got to be my number one tactic for saving our beautiful world. I’ve heard it said many times, “what difference can one person make, what difference will it make?” Well my answer is hopefully I will inspire my children to treat the world better than we have. To appreciate its beauty and understand its fragility.

Love and Peace to you all.

The Wanderers.

If people destroy something replaceable made by mankind, they are called vandals; if they destroy something irreplaceable made by God, they are called developers.

Joseph Wood Krutch


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